We know how to take a message, package it attractively (the concept & design) and allow it to communicate through every possible medium. Each and every element of any concept should reflect a message that is specifically designed to improve brand equity. Those elements include stage & set, choice of venue, invitation process, music, décor, branding, lighting, AV, etc.


Expand Thrust into new markets while promoting and expanding our scope of management. Maintain growth with the collaboration and the effort of all the members of the team and with the support of our clients.


To be the leading Event Management company of developing professional, creative, entertaining and innovative events standards across South Africa, and Africa. Holding Leisure and corporate and business seminars


To make our customers feel like they are the most important people in the world, because to us, they are. We accomplish this by delivering exceptional service, going the extra mile, and doing whatever it takes to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

We provide the best event services in South Africa and across Africa

A few attractive lines that reveal your expertise and experience. Tell people what you are good at. You can focus on a few features and qualities that will create a good impression on all those who visit your website. Tell them what you are good at.

Why Choose Us

When we need to deliver within short periods, we are able to bring in the people we need to get things done. We are one of the few companies not restricted by consideration of costs based on the salary-roll. This doesn’t mean that we are able to throw endless resources into projects. It simply means that we are not constrained by the usual fears of bringing in outsiders – cost, employment contracts, monthly overheads, etc.

Creative Services

Luxxaro Events has a full in-house creative staff, as well as access to a highly-skilled pool of experienced freelance professionals.

Show Management

Certain experience and expertise are weighed in order to deliver the most capable and dedicated team possible, and in the most efficient way.

Media Production

Our in-house editing and graphics facilities provide creative solutions for projects of all kinds and sizes, including business video and multimedia, advertising and television.

Event Design & Visualization

With that in mind Luxxaro has outfitted every hotel with customized CAD software including Vivien, and 3D StudioMax.

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