People are the center of events. So, once Luxxaro Events has received your brief – or helped you create one – we’ll start the event planning process to decide how best to connect your attendees with your brand, organisation, products and colleagues. For private events, we consider how you’ll enchant your guests with ÿne taste, elegant hospitality and glittering entertainment. It’s your big idea so during event planning we think big to develop it.

Welcome to the Luxxaro Events

We’d like to invite you to a very special event – your own. Luxxaro Events’ is an events company whose personalised event management services give you exactly what you want – tailor-made occasions that bring your guests closer to you and help create relationships that last. Whether it’s our intimate private parties, clockwork-precise corporate functions, fun-’n-feisty team building or high-brow gala events, your guests stay later and leave with a lasting impression. That’s because we’re the event management company that builds strong bonds. And Luxxaro Events works closely with you to make sure your functions are everything your attendees will be drawn to. In fact, engaging us for your event planning is the best way to connect with the people who are important to you. With offices in Johannesburg and a reach that spans South Africa, we’re the event company that puts you in touch with your most successful event yet. Any size or location, we’ll meet your requirements and expectations on time and in budget. Let’s get together and create a function that lasts – even after the venue has cleared. You shouldn’t settle for an events company that offers anything less. Contact us today.

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Brand Activation

Luxxaro Events has a cleverly engineered game plan for a brand launch, totally customisable to your needs with event planning designed to propel your audience’s enthusiasm into outer space. We pro-mote your brand or product launches with unique and exciting brand activation campaigns that capture your customers’ imaginations. Then we use our brand activation know-how to create unveiling ceremonies that build their anticipation until finally, the curtain is drawn back and the secret revealed – watch them eat it up. Finally, we design sampling opportunities that let your customers taste, touch, or “ooh” and “ah” to their hearts delight, while promoting your brand effectively in their minds. Got a new brand you want the world to see? Blast off with our unforgettable brand activations and precision events planning. Your audience will find the brand activation exciting and informative… that’s what we do.

  • product launches
  • brand activation
  • brand event sampling
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Service Overview

With a full range of event planning services from Luxxaro Events, you’ll be describing your next event as “a triumph”. Luxxaro Events knows the DNA of the perfect event, whether corporate events or private functions. Our formula for event planning is a mixture of exceptional creativity, personal interaction, and exacting attention to the details that get people involved and keep them engaged. And we apply our philosophy for success to all your corporate events, including briefing, event planning, design, marketing, production and after-event services. Say goodbye to guesswork too. We provide analytical insights into your corporate events through exceptional project management, communication, fol-low-up and continuous feedback aimed at the highest return on your event planning investment. No project is too big or too small. Choose from the following services or brief us for a unique experience:

  • Event management and concepts Event design
  • Technical production
  • Strategic event marketing Corporate hospitality
  • Event production
  • Promotions
  • Team building
  • Conferences
  • Golf days
  • Road shows
  • Corporate events
  • Press events
  • Corporate entertainment
  • Event coordination
  • Product launches
  • Hospitality management


Team building is the solution to loss of revenue caused by internal conflict, lack of communication or personal prejudice.

Over time, workers set up mental blocks to avoid daily stress and disagreement, and inevitably withdraw from confrontation. They lose their ability to work together effectively to achieve corporate goals. It’s time to help them break free and re-engage with renewed vigour through corporate team building events.Team building events from Luxxaro Events has helped organisations just like yours to get their staff back on track and restore profitability. Our corporate team building event service exposes problems, resolves conflict and strengthens personal bonds through fun and creative challenges that incite your people to band together to achieve common goals. And they’ll bring that mindset back to the office. Send your staff for team building and we’ll give you back a team whose members trust each other and work productively together. With over fifteen years in corporate team building and 101 team building event activities to choose from, we can guarantee the right programme to return performance to your organisation.

  • Corporate Team Building
  • Training and Development
  • Team Building Idea Creation

Conference and Events

Give your audience something to talk about with conference and events that engage them.

Our conference and events help your attendees become involved, remain attentive and freely participate so you can easily communicate your brand’s value. We engineer corporate events to connect with professionals, business people, the general public or a specific audience. Our event planning skills create the right conditions for total involvement in corporate events, whether to educate, nurture discussion or get the information you need to better understand your market. We’ll supply your conference and events with professional staff and advise you on all aspects of event planning, including venue utilisation and maximisation. And if you want something that makes your corporate events stand out, we can arrange passionate speakers, influential celebrities, or crowd-pleasing entertainment. Choose Luxxaro Events for exceptional conference and events planning.

  • Attendee Event Management
  • Event Registration Software
  • Seminar Planning
  • Conference and Events Planning
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Corporate Golf Days

A corporate golf day event is great for building strong bonds quickly.

Challenge your business partners to a game and you won’t wait long for their eager RSVPs. When you do, let Black Snow Events caddie your corporate golf day event from tee-off all the way to the 18th, back to the club house and throughout the evening’s entertainment. We promise that, even if you lose the game, you’ll land a hole-in-one with a superbly executed corporate golf day event. Plus a pat on the back from your new brand fans. Enjoy our carefree golf day event management services that allow you to forget the logistics and join the fun, including:

  • Detailed event design, tailored to your requirements
  • Course and venue sourcing and reservation
  • A web site detailing your golf day, social media marketing, and traditional offline promotion
  • Management of guest lists, invitation production and mailing, RSVPs and registrations in physical or online formats
  • All announcements and communications with participants and guests
  • Planning and scheduling of the golf day’s agenda
  • Catering, refreshment and bar management
  • Arrangement of video production, photography and journalism for the event
  • On-course branding and signage
  • Transport, guest reception, parking attendance and security management
  • Event staffing and management
  • Game supervision and score keeping
  • On-course refreshments and comfort
  • A fun award ceremony for the winner, the loser, and everyone in between
  • Entertainment, celebrity participation, and winding down of the event
  • After-event follow-up, feedback and analysis
  • So if your corporate golf day has become a cornerstone of your marketing plan, create the right impression for enthusiastic participation from your clients and guests.


As an Event Management company we ensure all our events are tactically designed through our holding company Prestige Events. During the Creative Visual Design process we establish ways to effectively engage with your target audience. We combine both market research and consumer insight methods of research to deÿne the outcomes when designing the strategy for your events, brand activation, roadshow, exhibition, conference or events campaign.

Our own success can only be measured against the results of our clients, that’s why we ensure that every event delivers your business goals and exceeds your expectations on return on investment.

  • Big Idea Development
  • Creative Visual Design and Execution
  • Visual Production
  • Web Campaign Development
  • Email Invites with Online RSVP registration


Luxxaro Events, ensures that whatever we do, be it an event, brand activation, roadshow, exhibition, conference or simply an interaction with our promotional staff, that we as an event management company facilitate a memorable face to face interaction between a brand and its consumers.

With our event management company’s expertise at your disposal, you’ll have everything you need for a wide range of event types, large and small, corporate and private. We’re an event management company that has worked with many types of clients on various functions with great success. Yours could be next.

Our services include

  • Event Management and Concepts – Corporate Hospitality
  • Promotions
  • Team Building
  • Conferences


From sales conferences and award ceremonies to product launches and gala receptions, Luxxaro Events will provide the desired ambience while effectively conveying your company’s message through our event production team.

Walk out conÿdently to greet your audience with ample lighting, great sound and all the technical bells and whistles in place and working as expected. Our event production company makes sure that not only is your presentation everything you dreamed of, but that you’ll experience the best logistics possible.

Our event company provides

  • Event design & technical production – Lighting and AV production
  • Set building, Styling & Staging
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